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  • ​​​​​​We have 80+ education teams around the country ready to help 
  • Whether you're a SLP or OT  we'll find a position just for you
  • We're proud to offer a range of benefits to our employees
Openings for SPED & Behavioral Specialists
  • We currently serve over 1,500 educational institutions nationwide
  • You'll receive updates to new openings local to you and across the country
  • Our dedicated recruiters will work with you to find exactly what you're looking for
Transition into School Nursing
  • A better work/life balance with no night or weekend shifts
  • Flexible schedule with built-in days off
  • Less stress than a hospital or private duty setting
  • Strong community impact
  • Competitive pay
Is your facility looking for staff? Maxim has over 20 years in the field, giving us an edge over other school staffing agencies. With staffing teams available across the country, we can provide you with a single point of contact in your local community. Our consultants will develop a customized recruitment strategy that's just for you.
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What our employees are saying

Lynn W.
I love working with kids. I love teaching. I love caring for people. I have for 40 years. That passion has not dwindled, and I don't think it ever will. School Nurse Reading, PA
Alisha J.
 I want to express my love for switching to a School Nurse. At first, I had doubts and questions, but Makayla, my awesome Recruiter, made me feel confident about changing career paths. I love the Elementary School. It's like one big happy family with the primary goal of educating our youth. Thank you for making my transition from an ER to a School Nurse so easy and enjoyable, Makayla! School Nurse, RN Chicago, IL
Jeremy J.
Working with kids is the best reward I have ever encountered in any nursing position. They never cease to amaze me! School Nurse Pittsburgh, PA