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Provide quality care to those dependent on others for support.

Providing quality care

Ensuring better access to quality care 
Disease management, vaccination programs, research and awareness, and rapid response are ever-changing environments where we seek a wide range of healthcare professionals, such as:
  • MDs
  • Practitioners
  • Nurses
  • Technical
  • Administrative Staff 

Serving everyday individuals is one of the most rewarding ways to support your local community. We support local health departments and state and federally-funded agencies.
Correctional and Detention Programs We have refined our correctional program to allow our healthcare workers to enjoy working with others who embody selfless care to those dependent upon others for support.

Our program provides training to introduce healthcare professionals into these environments, aiding in acclimation and excellence in service. Some most prevalent
​​​​​​​roles are:
  • Primary care MDs
  • Mental health providers
  • Counselors
  • Social workers
  • Nurses
  • Youth care workers
  • Support services
Supporting Active Duty Military and Veterans "Serving Those Who Serve Us" remains the essence of how Maxim sees the mission of supporting active duty and veterans of the US Armed Forces.
  • We work directly with various programs within the Military Healthcare Community to aid in the mission of quality care, wellness, readiness and supporting the active duty and dependent community
  • We support an extensive array of state and county-funded Veterans Homes across the country. Our needs for MDs, Practitioners and various counselors, therapists, and direct care providers are a constant due to our continued dedication to supporting the mission of veteran access to care throughout the U.S
Academia Teaching Hospital  Teaching Hospitals make up a large part of the nation's ability to provide a level of care specific to a type of population in need across complex care or cutting-edge treatment programs.
  • Maxim has become integrated into many university and state-funded healthcare missions through supporting research initiatives, wide-scale population health and wellness strategies, and supporting local prioritized response efforts
  • We see an ongoing need for individuals in the locum and travel healthcare provider space 
Are you looking for staff? Maxim Staffing understands that government departments must identify and employ highly motivated, skilled, and educated workers to support public programs and initiatives. We are a government staffing agency that has the resources to find and deploy qualified personnel for government agencies and private organizations involved in healthcare services. Our recruiting experts are personally trained and certified by an expert panel of recruiters, so you can rest assured that your staffing needs will be met.
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