Locum Tenens & Advanced Practitioners Jobs

Let our expert recruiters help you find physician jobs with ease

We offer a wide range of positions

Calling all Physicians and Advanced Practitioners 
We offer full-time and part-time assignments, as well as a variety of term agreements. Examples of openings we have are:

  • Anesthesiologists 
  • Dentists
  • General Surgery
  • Physicians Assistants
  • Correctional Medicine 
Make a difference in the mental health space Maxim Staffing offers a range of roles to make a different with those struggling with mental health. Some positions we staff for are:

  • Psychologists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Psychiatrists
  • Counselors
We have a job for you, no matter where you are
We can place you in almost any healthcare work setting. Exampels of where we staff:
  • Hospitals and health systems
  • Dental offices
  • Behavioral health organizations
  • Urgent care
  • Physician management practice groups
Is your facility looking for staff?  Choosing a physician goes far beyond just availability. Locum tenens staffing is a growing trend in the medical field where physicians and advanced practitioners are hired for temporary positions due to planned or unplanned absences. Maxim Healthcare Staffing is proud to be one of the top locum tenens staffing companies in the industry.

What our employees are saying

Lynn W.
I love working with kids. I love teaching. I love caring for people. I have for 40 years. That passion has not dwindled, and I don't think it ever will. School Nurse Readiing, PA
Alisha J.
 I want to express my love for switching to a School Nurse. At first, I had doubts and questions, but Makayla (my awesome recruiter) made me feel confident about changing career paths. I love the Elementary School... it's like one big happy family with the primary goal of educating our youth. Thank you for making my transition from an ER to a School Nurse so easy & enjoyable, Makayla! School Nurse, RN Chicago, IL
Jeremy J.
Jeremy says working with kids is the best reward he has ever encountered in any nursing position. They never cease to amaze him! School Nurse Pittsburgh, PA